Louisiana Amendment 3 (2023), Property Tax Exemptions for First Responders

This provides an additional property value exemption of $25,000 for first responders including fire fighters, volunteer firefighters, emergency medical service personnel, emergency response dispatchers, 维和警察, police officers and sheriffs.

To qualify for the exemption you must:

1.) Reside and work in the parish for which you are applying for the exemption

2.) Must provide documentation every year to be eligible for exemption.

A.) Form to be completed by employer.

B.) Employee then has form notarized and turn into the Assessor’s office annually to receive exemption for the current tax year.

C.) Turn form into office in person or by mail (PO 307箱, 利文斯顿拉. 70754)

**形式 are also available in the forms section under the online services tab at the top of the page.

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Monday -Thursday  7:30am-5:30pm

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P.O. 307箱
利文斯顿拉. 70754

Meet Your Assessor: Jeff Taylor

Jeff is a lifelong resident of Livingston parish and has served as Assessor since August 31, 2000. 在他任职期间, he has served residents with honesty and integrity, working to fairly assess property values across the parish and run a customer-focused office. His efforts have been lauded by local media and industry professionals, most recently being recognized as the Assessor of the Year from the Louisiana Assessor’s Association.


If you are a veteran that has a service related disability and you do not have a copy of your A25 form, you can download the VA app on any smartphone to access your percentage of benefit. If you have still not filed for the new veteran’s exemption, please come by our office with your form or the app to complete the process.


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How are my property taxes calculated?

Are You a Disabled Veteran?

1月1日生效, 2023, voters approved a Constitutional Amendment, which replaced and expanded the veteran property tax exemption into 3 categories.

  • 50-69% Disabled Veteran:

    首页stead Exemption ($75,000) + an additional $25,000 exemption= $PG电子试玩网站,000 total value exemption

  • 70-99% Disabled Veteran:

    首页stead Exemption ($75,000) + an additional $45,000 exemption= $120,000 total value exemption

  • PG电子试玩网站% Disabled Veteran:

    首页stead Exemption ($75,000) + remaining assessed value veteran exemption= total value exemption

To ensure you receive the correct veteran exemption, please contact your local Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs to get an updated Form A25 with your current home address and provide it to our office.

Are you age 65 or permanently disabled?

If you are age 65 or older or have a permanent disability you might be qualified to have your assessed value frozen.

  • You must be age 65 or older.


  • You must be permanently totally disabled as determined by court judgement or as certified by a state or federal agency.

If you meet either of these requirements and have a combined gross household income of $PG电子试玩网站k or less, 你有资格.

This will freeze the assessed value of your property and exclude you from any reassessments, unless disqualification occurs. 冻结 exempt your property from the increasing or decreasing of millage rates. Millage rates vary from year to year , therefore, the amount due annually could possibly fluctuate.

Please contact our office so we can assist you.

For the past 20 years, Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor has sponsored Assess the Need, a parish-wide school supply drive that helps needy families.

Thanks to the generosity of the people of Livingston Parish, thousands of children have been given supplies to engage in learning, improve their academic outcomes, elevate their self-confidence and expand their opportunities for a bright future. Each success story has made our community a stronger, better place to live.

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